Bring a Stress Less Conference to the women of your church!

Frazzled.   Frustrated.   Fatigued.   Overwhelmed.  Overworked.   Overloaded.

These words describe how most women feel as a result of the stress epidemic that is running rampant in our society today.But regardless of age, season of life, or varyinng circumstances, true stress relief is really only one prayer away.

A Stress Less Conference will help women :

• Be empowered to believe that they can live a life of peace, despite their stressful circumstances
• Understand how Jesus handled stress and how He is a role model for coping in today’s world
• Discover how to find calm in the midst of their chaos and find freedom from a life of busyness
• Recognize practical biblical principles for stress relief that they can implement into their own lives

This is a great opportunity to pamper your women, physically and spiritually, and send them home refreshed and re-energized to live a joyful life with less stress, and more peace.

Book signings can be scheduled around your conference/retreat agenda.

This conference can be a Friday night/Saturday Conference, or an all day Saturday Conference based on your scheduling preference.

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Session One:  Whispers of Relief

Hearing and discerning God’s voice is the most important part of our prayer and fellowship with God, especially when it comes to dealing with the overwhelming stress that life brings. Most Christians long to hear God’s voice thundering through the air with the answers to their problems and the stress relief they long for. However, God’s voice is more like a gentle whisper, requiring an intimate relationship in order to hear it.  You will be reminded of how God speaks intimately and personally, how He is the answer to our stress, and how to be more aware of His voice as you:

• Recognize how to hear God’s voice in the unique ways He chooses to speak
• Embrace the importance of prayer and fellowship with God
• Discover the things that may be causing a disconnect between you and God
• Learn  how to apply God’s stress-less biblical principles to the top 5 stressors of today

Session Two Staying Afloat In A Sea of Stress

Millions of women feel overwhelmed in life as a result of being bombarded with relentless stress from everyday life, and sometimes many women feel like jumping overboard.  Sadly, most of us are looking for stress relief in the all the wrong places, and the worldly relief we may find is only a temporary band-aid. Through this empowering session, you will experience a stress-makeover in heart, mind and soul as you

• Understand the negative consequences of ignoring stress
• Recognize the physical and spiritual benefits of looking to God for stress relief
• Learn to tap into the power and presence of God to regain a life of peace
• Discover how to live a life of joy despite your circumstances through learning that Jesus dealt with stress and understands what we are going through

Session Three:  Jumping Overboard in Faith

God often calls us to do things that seem beyond our comfort zone or capabilities, possibly causing us to hesitate in our obedience and question our calling.  This session will help you realize that God has been equipping you throughout your lifetime for the purpose He destined just for you.  You will be motivated to put your stress and fears aside, and embrace your passion for Christ while developing a new perspective on how God has called you to serve. This session will empower you to go overboard in your faith, as you:

• Understand how to cultivate a true servants heart
• Replace the fear of failure with God inspired confidence and enthusiasm for purpose
• Recognize how procrastination results in missing God’s best
• Build your desire to faithfully and passionately seek God’s will for your life

Session Four:  Embracing The Stressed-Less Life

The Bible is packed with tips for finding stress relief in today’s modern chaotic world, if only we seek them out. This session reviews the top five stressors of our nation today (money, economy, marriage, parenting, and work) and applies biblical principles for handling those stressors in positive ways. This session will encourage women to take the information that have learned about listening for God in today’s noisy world, keeping our focused on Christ, and being willing to trust God in all circumstances, and help them apply His truths to their own personal lives. Women will leave this session with:

• A fresh perspective on how God’s Word applies to every aspect of our lives
• A renewed desire to make Christ a priority in their life
• Motivated to surrender their stress to Christ, and embrace a less stressed life

Note: If desired, you may bring one of the Stress-Less topics to your church as a keynote message; or choose which of the above topics above you want to include in your event based on your agenda and time frame.



BONUS INFO:  Themes and Decorating Suggestions

(Event planners are welcome to come up with their own themes if desired, but here are a few suggestions)

1. Under the Boardwalk ..or.. Down By The Sea: Focus your conference around a beach theme.  Decorate with beach items like umbrellas, chairs, beach towels, sunglasses, colorful beach bags, and flip flops.  Play traditional beach music or the sounds of the surf during breaks. Consider offering shagging lessons as a break out session, or scrapbooking of old family beach trips. Bring in faux palm trees for decoration, and string white lights on them for ambiance.
2.The Trip of a Lifetime:  Focus your conference around the theme of taking a cruise. Use photos of beautiful beaches, the tropics and serene beach sunsets for promotional materials. Decorate with items which portray a tropical theme, like palm trees, coconuts, coconut drinks, and umbrella straws.  Play Reggae or Steel Drum music during breaks. Have large banner poster created of a Caribbean scene to use as a backdrop for the speaker and musicians.
3. This Is The Life:  Focus your conference around the theme of a day at the spa. Use photos of peaceful places (lakes, rivers, beaches, front porches, rocking chairs,etc.) for promotional materials. Decorate with colors that are peaceful, such as soft blues, greens, and other soothing fresh colors. Burn lavender scented candles.  Offer mini-massages or manicures to attendees. Use decorating items based on water themes, waterfalls, lush forests, spas. Gift bags could include decorate soaps, lotions, nail polish, or other spa items.
4. Woman Overboard: Use a theme of life rafts, boats, life vests, and/or sailor themed decor.  Women’s ministry team members can wear sailor shirts and hats, make small boats for backdrops, and decorate with water themed table items, like sea shells, little life vests, coral, etc.